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14th July 1999

Minister should act on Sellafield

Statement from Arthur Morgan, Spokesperson for Sinn Fein:

``It is possible that a shipment of mixed Oxide Fuel (M.O.X) will leave Sellafield in the coming weeks, destined for Japan, and this will have serious consequences for people in Ireland generally, and county Wexford in particular.

``Firstly, there is the risk of an accident, where this ship could be involved in a collision, a fire or any number of possible accidents- the result would be a chernobyl-type explosion some 35 or 40 miles from the Co. Wekford coast line.

``Secondly it could be attacked by any one of the states which, for example, were attacked by Tony Blair's Air Force.

``Thirdly, it could move away without incident, thus paving the way for many more shipments and, therefore, the commissioning of the M.O.X plant at Sellafield to full capacity. This would represent a major expansion of the British Nuclear fuels limited operation.

``I call on the government to object to this lethal cargo which will pose a great threat to our southern shores. Instead of our Minister for the Marine and Natural Resources, Dr. Micheal Woods, TD, agreeing to this shipment.

``This is a disgrace and Dr. Woods should be in no doubt that the people of Ireland will hold him and his government to account sooner rather than later.

``Our government should be opposing BNFL and Sellafield at every opportunity, not assisting them while they poison us with Radiation.''

For confirmation contact: Aurthur Morgan 086 8334133

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