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20th July 1999

``Trimble should resign'' - Gerry Kelly

North Belfast Assembly member, Gerry Kelly, has called on David Trimble to ``resign his position as First Minister'' Should he fail to do so then the British secretary of state should, ``remove him from office.''

Mr. Kelly said:

``Mr. Trimble cannot shirk his responsibility for deepening the political vacuum as a result of his action last week when he collapsed the Good Friday agreement's institutions.''

Mr Kelly continued:

``Since his election in June of last year as First Minister designate Mr. Trimble has been acting as the leader of the UUP. He adopted a partisan position in his public and private engagements. As we enter into a review of the implementation of the agreement he must now formally shed the authority of First Minister designate. If he fails to do so then Mo Mowlam should remove him from office. She had no difficulty in removing nationalist Ministers from the Executive last week she should follow suit in relation to Mr. Trimble.''

Mr Kelly concluded:

``The forthcoming review should be of a short duration and needs to examine all areas of the agreement including the failure to set up the institutions policing, demilitarisation, the equality agenda, the working of the human rights commission and decommissioning.''ENDS

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