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21st July 1999

Cost of Ormeau Park clean up on 12th must be published

Statement from Sinn Fein Councillor Séan Hayes demanding that the cost of cleaning up the Ormeau Park after the Orange twelfth be published.

Cllr. Hayes said:

``The ratepayers of Belfast have a right to know how much of their money was spent in returning the Ormeau Park to its original state after the Orange march. The fact that the Ormeau Park is a public amenity and owned by the council for the people of the city makes it different from the traditional site of the demonstration at Edenderry.

Cllr Hayes continued:

`` I am seeking the council to publish details of the cost of the clean up operation in the Ormeau Park and indeed also on the route of the march. I was contacted by a number of people concerned at the levels of rubbish thrown in the Shaftsbury Square area in particular during the twelfth.''

Cllr. Hayes concluded:

``It is important that the details of the clean up operation are made public. I t must be remembered that the Ormeau Park was used by the Orange Order without seeking permission of the Council, yet it expects the council to pick up the tab for cleaning up after them.''

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