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23rd July 1999

Gardaí Should Follow Example of FBI

Sinn Fein Vice-President Pat Doherty in welcoming the decision by the full U.S House of Representatives to withdraw all funding for training and exchange schemes involving the RUC and American forces such as the FBI has the Gardaí to follow this example.

Mr. Doherty said:

``I welcome this decision. It is recognition by the elected representatives of the American people that the RUC is not an acceptable Police service. This withdrawal of funding and thus co-operation between the FBI and the RUC is a vindication of those Human Rights groups who have been campaigning for the disbandment of this totally discredited force.

I now call on the Gardaí Siochana to follow this example and severe all formal links with the RUC. The social and personal relationship which have been actively forged and encourage between the Gardaí and this sectarian force is used in a cynical public relations exercise to portray to the world that the RUC's activities are acceptable to the Irish government and its police service.

These links should be severed forthwith in an act of solidarity with the many nationalists in the six-counties who have suffered directly and indirectly at the hands of this discredited force.''

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