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28 July 1998

Reports Logic Should Demand New Police Service

West Belfast Assembly member and Sinn Fein spokesperson on Policing and Justice issues, Bairbre de Brun, has accused the authors responsible for compiling a report on the RUC as ``lacking the courage to call for a new police service despite that being the logical and obvious conclusion of their findings.''

Ms de Brun said:

``Part of the remit of this report was to assesss why the RUC had failed to attract Catholics into its ranks. It is amazing to find that the authors failed to comment on the impact of collusion between loyalists and the RUC, the thousands of files which have gone missing and ended up in the hands loyalists; the Stalker/Sampson enquiry, the Stevens report, the UN report into the RUC's intimidation of solicitors and many other investigations by Amnesty and other human rights bodies into the RUC. Do the authors not think that these are factors which help form an attitude to this force?

``Furthermore throughout this report the authors accept that a police service should reflect the make- up of the people it purports to police. They also accept that the RUC fails this fundamental test.

``Yet they shy away from the logical and obvious conclusion that this raises, namely that the RUC have to be replaced by a new police service which is capable of drawing recruits from and is supported by both nationalists and unionists.''

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