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5 August 1998

Time for Dialogue

Statement from Mid Ulster MP and assembly member, Martin Mc Guinness responding to the Unionist's calls on Sinn Fein in relation to the `` war''

Mr Mc Guinness said:

``Sinn Fein is not at war with anyone. We have used our influence to create the conditions we now have. I believe that the IRA, of all the armed groups has been the most disiplined. In recent weeks the main loyalist organisations have been involved in killing Catholics, such as the Quinn children in Ballymoney and the shooting of two brothers in the Waterside, Derry, the burning and intimidation of hundreds of Catholic from their homes during the so called marching season as well as attacks on British soldiers and RUC personnel at Drumcree.

``It is time the leaders of all shades of unionism faced up to their responsibilities. They should be talking to Sinn Fein directly instead of through the media. That is what the people across Ireland voted for in the referenda. The unease within unionism at the minute is being fuelled by the lack of decisive and positive leadership, especially from David Trimble. He should immediately meet and engage in direct dialogue with Sinn Fein and our party President Gerry Adams.''

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