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6th September 1999

Review should conclude that the Institutions should be established

A Sinn Fein delegation including party President Gerry Adams MP, Chief >negotiator Martin McGuinness MP, West Belfast Assembly representative. Bairbre de Brun and party Vice President Pat Doherty, this evening spent one and a half hours in a meeting with Senator George Mitchell.

Mr. Doherty described the meeting as `friendly and constructive'. Speaking afterwards he said:

``We presented the Senator with a lengthy and detailed analysis of the current state of the peace process and the failure to implement the Good Friday Agreement. The submission, which was agreed by the Ard Chomhairle on Saturday, also sets out our view of what needs to happen now to end the current crisis.

``We note that Senator Mitchell has stated that the starting point for the review is the three principles set out on 25th June. At that time Sinn Fein acknowledged that these principles, provided that they are firmly bedded in the terms of the Good Friday Agreement, could resolve the impasse if there is the political will. That remains our position.

``We welcome Senator Mitchell's assertion that the Agreement is not for re-negotiation and his stated determination to make the review both short and successful.

``It is Sinn Fein's view that the review can be successful. This requires that the two governments fulfil their responsibilities. The British government in particular must defend the Agreement. Their recent stewardship is a cause for serious concern.

``The review should conclude that the Executive, the All-Ireland Ministerial Council and the British Irish Council should already have been established, that they should now be established, and powers transferred to them immediately. The primacy of politics must be proven.''

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