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20 September 1997

`Trimble's comments deeply offensive to victims of Loyalist violence' - Adams.

Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams has called comments by David Trimble ``deeply offensive to the victims of Loyalist violence.''

Mr Adams said:

``David Trimble's claim that those who said the loyalist cease-fire had been broken on a number of occasions were only trying to score political points is deeply offensive to the victims of Loyalist violence.

``This comment is as combustible as it is untrue. Even RUC Chief Constable who Mr Trimble has such faith in when he is pronouncing on the activities of Republicans said that, ``all the constituents parts of the CLMC had broken their cease- fire.''

``David Trimble's posturing on the validity of the Loyalist cease fire is comparable to his posturing on whether or not he will enter talks with Sinn Fein.

``There can be two views of the antics which Mr Trimble is indulging himself in.

``One is that it is the Unionist Leaders way of getting himself off the hook on which he has impaled his party. If so then Sinn Fein should humour him. All the macho talk of confronting Sinn Fein is seen as little more than a tactical device a ticket into the negotiation room.

``The other view is that Mr Trimble is not serious about real negotiations. That his behaviour is deeply offensive to the victims of Unionist, British and Loyalist violence.

``The willingness and speed with which David Trimble goes into negotiations will establish which of these views is the correct one.

``Sinn Fein's objective at this time is to see these negotiations start as quickly as possible. That is the responsibility of the two governments.

``Whatever else David Trimble has to say in the meantime, our party looks forward to discussing Irish Unity and the end of the Union with Unionists and all the other parties''.

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