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20th September 1999

Unionists must not succeed in wrecking the Agreement

Speaking at Stormont this morning Sinn Fein Vice President Pat Doherty said:

``For six years now Unionism has set its face against change - against the peace press and its underlying principles - inclusivity, equality, justice and the viability of politics.

``Since the Good Friday Agreement was signed unionism has prevented its implementation. This mornings judicial review has to be seen in this context. It is clearly UUP driven and is part of the process of undermining the Agreement and preventing change.

``The alliance of Trimble and Donaldson, as well as developments over the summer are evidence that `NO' politics - the politics of intransigence - are dominating the UUP.

``Unionism is seeking to veto hope, veto the expectation for peace and veto change. They must not succeed. Politics must be seen to work. That is the alternative to conflict which we are attempting to build.

``A unionism which pretends, as John Taylor's remarks in recent days advocate - that discrimination, injustice and repression are all figments of nationalist imagination, is a unionism locked in the past.

``The responsibility for meeting the challenge presented by unionist inflexibility rests with the two governments but primarily the British government. The British Prime Minister once said that the status quo is not an option. He must deliver on that rhetoric.''ENDS

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