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9 October 1998

Adams begins week long trip to US

Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams MP begins a week long trip to the US on Saturday October 10th. There will be a Press Conference upon his arrival at JFK International Airport at 3.30pm

Mr. Adams, at a series of meeting and speaking engagements will point to the progress made in the Peace Process and emphasise the vital role played by America in getting it this far.

Speaking in Belfast Mr. Adams said:

``We have overcome very real difficulties in the negotiations some of which were thought to be intractable.

``The role of Irish America and of the American Administration, has been crucial in getting us to this stage. Most particularly, the support, encouragement and positive intervention of President Clinton has given a dimension and momentum without which we would not have been able to come as far as we have. We need that involvement to continue. We have overcome many difficulties, and we in Sinn Fein know there will be difficulties ahead. But difficulties and obstacles were overcome and will be again if the necessary political will is exerted by those who want to see peace, justice and equality firmly established in Ireland.

``Our collective energy, intelligence and resources which could be employed in securing a solid ground for the Agreement, has again been diverted into dealing with another crisis in the Peace Process. The decommissioning issue has again been employed by Unionism as an obstacle to the setting up of the Executive, which will administer the north-south bodies - the all Ireland dimension - which is the core of the Agreement for nationalists.

``The Agreement achieved in Belfast on April 10 was negotiated by all the parties to the talks and the two governments. Sinn Fein has lived up to our commitments and will continue to do so. We do not underestimate the problems, but we do believe that they can be overcome. The basis on which we can and must move on is in the implementation of the Agreement. The key to further progress is that implementation.''

Itinerary of Gerry Adams visit to US

Monday 12 October - Pittsburgh, PA
12:30pm Duquesne Club
3.30pm Duquesne University
5.30pm Dinner with community leaders
7:30pm David L Lawrence Convention Center Community Event
1001 Pennsylvania Avenue
Pittsburgh contact: (412) 434-8460

Tuesday 13 October - Albany, NY
5:30pm Press conference Omni Hotel
6.00pm Omni Hotel Community Event
8:00pm Polish American Citizen Center
Live music
Albany Contact: (518) 453-9222

Wednesday 14 October - Manhattan, NY
6pm Plaza Hotel
New York City contact: (212) 587-3300

Thursday 15 October - Fairfield, CT
8pm Fairfield University - SOLD OUT
For waiting list: 1-203-254-4190
9pm Community Event at the Gaelic Club - SOLD OUT

Friday 16 October - Philadelphia, PA
11.30am World Affairs Council Hallmark Series
Union League, 140 Sth Broad St
Contact: (215) 721-1100
1:30pm The Plough and the Stars
2nd and Chestnut Streets
Contact: (215) 386-4600
5:00pm Town House Restaurant
Contact: (215) 386-4600
8:00pm Irish Center Community Event
Doors open at 6:30pm
Contact: (215) 742-4632 / (215) 634-5936

Saturday 17 October - Manhattan, NY
7:00pm SHARP Celebrate Gerry Adams's 50th Birthday
Webster Hall
11th Street and 3rd Avenue
Live music including a special performance by Maura O'Connell and others
21 and over
Contact: (212) 587-3300

Sunday 18 October - Boston, MA
10.30am Park Plaza Hotel
Contact: 1-877-368-2637
2-4pm Hibernian Hall Community Event
Contact: 1-978-687-8937
7pm sharp Florian Hall Community Event
Contact: 1-781-331-5188

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