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12 October 1998

Concern at appointment of Trimble advisor

Sinn Fein Assembly Economic Spokesperson Dara O'Hagan, has described the appointment of Graham Gudgin as an advisor to David Trimble as highlighting the contradictory attitude of the UUP leader to the Good Friday Agreement'.

Ms. O'Hagan said:

``It is of some concern that David Trimble will be listening to the analysis of an individual who has cited low emigration and high birth rates as reasons for Catholic unemployment remaining at such levels.

Graham Gudgin's denial of the systematic discrimination against Catholics which has been endemic of the North and his opposition to the Good Friday agreement hardly makes him the ideal person to be advising David Trimble on economic policy in the assembly.

At a time when we should all be looking to implement the equality agenda as part of the Agreement and redressing the economic discrimination and injustice which has been the reality for generations of Northern Nationalists, David Trimble's reliance on unionist rejectionists such as Graham Gudgin indicates the contradictory attitude of the UUP's leader to the Agreement.

It certainly does not bode well for the prospects of the assembly to deliver on the equality agenda if David Trimble continues to surround himself by the no-men of unionism.''

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