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20 October 1998

Dialogue call welcomed

Statement from Sinn Fein Assembly member for the Upper Bann Dr. Dara O'Hagan welcoming Archbishop Eames initiative on dialogue to resolve the ongoing siege of the Garvaghy Road.

Dr. O'Hagan said:

``It is my view that the most important element of the archbishops speech is pledge to initiate a process of inclusive dialogue to help resolve the ongoing situation in Portadown. the pledges demanded on lawful beahviour and protests at Drumcree are important, but the key to resolving the problem is the initiation of the process of negotiation.

Dr. O'Hagan continued:

``Sinn Fein has been calling for many years for inclusive dialogue to help resolve the issues surrounding contentious parades. I am greatly encourage by Dr. Eames comments that he realises that the situtation in Portadown can only be resolved through dialogue.

Dr. O'Hagan concluded:

``Archbishop Eames has today that the Church Of Ireland has a responsibility to help resolve the situation surrounding Drumcree and the ongoing siege of the Garvaghy Road. The dialogue that Dr. Eames is going to initiate will be best served taking place in an atmosphere free from intimidation and threat. The ongoing siege of the people of the Garvaghy Road must be ifted immediately to ensure that the inclusive negotiations can take place in an environment which lends itself to resolving the problems in Portadown.''

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