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20 October 1998

Trimble's threat redundant unionist language

Sinn Fein MP Martin McGuinness has termed David Trimble's threat that he will move on with or without Sinn Fein as the redundant Unionist language of pre Good Friday Agreement.

Mr. McGuinness said:

``David Trimble knows that threats to move on without Sinn Fein is the redundant language of pre Good Friday unionism. David Trimble cannot move on without Sinn Fein or any other party to the agreement. Nor can the two governments allow him to stall the full implementation of the Agreement in order to placate the rejectionists in his party any longer.

He should resolve to face down the rump within his party, which is on intent on maintaining the politics of pre Good Friday Unionism. He must tell them that they have had heir day. A new dawn is breaking in politics on this island and no one will be able to postpone it indefinitely.

David Trimble must stand up o those ion the Ulster Unionist Party that are attempting to wreck the Good Friday Agreement. he should impress upon them that the peace process is unstoppable. that the peace process train is moving and gaining momentum and those not on board by October 31st are the only ones that can be left behind.

He should do so, if not immediately, then at his party conference this weekend. I have no doubt if Mr. trimble shows courage and gives good positive, decisive leadership he will enjoy the support of the majority of unionists and the gratitude of nationalists as we move togetther to eradicate conflict on this island forever. He will then truly be a peacemaker.''

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