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21 October 1998

Unionists attempting to panic Agreement supporters

Statement from north Belfast Assembly member Gerry Kelly calling on all those who support the Good Friday Agreement to ``avoid the temptation of misreading or reinterpreting the agreement'' as this only encourages David Trimble's intransigence.

Mr. Kelly said:

``We are in the midst of a full public campaign by the leaders of unionism to renegotiate or unpick the Good Friday Agreement. Their stance is deliberately aimed at creating a crisis and raising the prospects of the collapse of the Agreement. They are trying to panic supporters of the Agreement into taking up their cause and argue their case. It is important that those commenting on the current impasse read and understand the Agreement.

``Asking or indeed demanding anything from any party beyond the provisions of the Agreement is an attempt to renegotiate the Agreement. It is an attempt to change what the overwhelming number of people throughout Ireland voted for in May.

``The issue of decommissioning was dealt with on Good Friday. Any movement away from that only encourages unionist demands. The issue for those who support the agreement has to be the implementation of its provisions. That means establishing the Executive and the All Ireland Council without any further delay.''

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