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22 October 1998

Trimble must look forward to me future

Statement from Sinn Fein Chairperson adn Foyle Assembly Member Mitchel McLaughlin calling on David Trimble to use Saturday's meeting of his party in Derry, ``to bring Unionism intohe 21st century.''

Mr. McLaughlin said:

Mr. Trimble should be talking the politics of reality to his party on Saturday. Although he is leader of the Unionsit party his speech shoudl reflect the fact taht he is designate First Minister for all the people of the north. His speech should address the political realities of Ireland on the eve of the 21st century and should be looking forward not harking backwards to the politics of 1912. The days of unionist domination are gone. Mr. Trimble should be attempting to modernise unionism preparing unionists for the new millenum.

``He should avoid the temptation to play to the lowest common denominator within his party. This means rising above the current impasse around decommissioning and talking abour the merits of the Good Friday Agreement and the potential for a new beginning for all the people of this island that it presents.

``On Saturday the Unionist party need to be told that there is no alternative to the Good Friday, that the peace process has to move forward. To paraphrase Mr. Blair, the peace train i sleaving the station and the unionists are in danger of being left behind.''

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