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15th November 1999

Ingram refuses to meet Sinn Fein on files find

Sinn Fein Assembly members, Alex Maskey and Conor Murphy have expressed deep disappointment at the refusal of Adam Ingram to meet with them to discuss British Military Intelligence files that were found recently in a loyalist paramilitary cache in Stoneyford Orange Hall. Mr. Murphy said:

``I have received a letter from Adam Ingram stating that he feels that a meeting with our party regarding this matter would not be beneficial. I find this attitude arrogant and unacceptable. It has already been admitted that details regarding some of my constituents were contained in these files. Adam Ingram, as the British Minister responsible for Crown Force activity here, does not have the right to pre-suppose that he knows what the content of my representation would be in order to determine whether or not a meeting would be beneficial. <P>Alex Maskey added:

``An alarming number of those who have been notified that their details are in the hands of loyalists have subsequently had their homes attacked. These attacks have ranged from ball bearings being fired through windows, to petrol bombs and on at least one occasion a pipe bomb. It is incumbent on Adam Ingram that he meet with us and explain in detail what he proposes to do to rectify this very serious situation.''

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