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4 December 1998

Current impasse must be addressed speedily

Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams MP has described his meeting with the Taoiseach Bertie Ahern in Government Buildings this afternoon as ``frank and constructive''. He said that ``we must all go back at this quickly. This matter should be resolved before Christmas.'' Mr. Adams also took the opportunity to raise with the Taoiseach the plight of residents living on Garvaghy Road.

Mr. Adams said:

``It is our view that this was a bad week for the peace process. A deal was done and then undone through Unionist bad faith. We cannot allow that to rob us all of the hope which still exists. Unionists are going against the democratic wishes of the people of this island.

``Our view is that we must all go back at this quickly and that this matter should be resolved before Christmas. Senior members of Sinn Fein will be meeting with the Irish government in the next few days and we will be in touch with Mr. Blair.

``The Agreement has to be implemented. The lesson of this week is that there cannot be implementation of the Agreement by one side only. Everyone has to engage.

``The two governments have a responsibility to defend and oversee the full implementation of the Agreement. Specifically we need urgent movement on the next three steps - the establishment of the shadow Executive, the all-Ireland Ministerial Council and the policy and implementation bodies.''

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