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15 December 1999

Sinn Fein launches Programme for Government

Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams MP, speaking at the launch of the party's Programme for Government, said that Sinn Fein will be bringing a ``radical all-Ireland voice into the new institutions''. Mr Adams said:

``Sinn Fein's Programme for Government is both radical and realistic. It is a programme which we believe will strike a chord with people throughout this island. For us, this document is merely a first step; it is not an exhaustive analysis. We are now entering a new era in Irish politics. It will be an era characterised by compromise rather than conflict. We will be consulting with our partners in the community and in government to bring about real change to the quality of people's lives here in Ireland.

``Tá leagan amach poilitíochta na hÉireann ag athrú go tapaidh agus tá bród >ar Phoblachtánaigh a bheith i dtús na hoibre sin. San ám amach romhainn tá fíor-dheis againn chun athrú a chur ar fáil, fíor-dheis chun saol daoine a athrú.

``This document is offered as a radical republican vision for the people of Ireland. It is democratic. it is socialist and it is the product of consultation, debate and reflection.

``Featured in this document are policies including the following:

``Republicans are now part of a larger political administration with political representatives of the people of this entire island. We believe that these new institutions can form the power-house that will shape a new political future for all the people of this island.

``As a republican labour party, Sinn Fein wants to see a united Ireland. We want to see people determine their own future. We want social and economic justice and political and cultural equality. We will also strive for national reconciliation, a healing of wounds and a growing understanding among all sections of our people.

``I láthair na huaire tá Sinn Fein i gceartlár Cumhachta poilitíochta ar an oileán seo, agus tá guth nach beag againn i gcruthú an todhchaí. Beimíd ag baint úsáid as an ghuth seo chun athrach raidiceach a chur ar fáil. Sin Fein's Governing Equally for All is about giving substance to that voice.''

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